That’s just how it was

DarkMatter2525 is a brilliant YouTube satirist, choosing to express himself through some incredibly funny animations.

Here he actually takes quotes directly from a Jewish conservative talkshow host Ben Shapiro. That’s sort of a new thing as, in general, real people don’t appear in his videos (although God, Jesus, Satan and a host of biblical characters appear frequently.) Shapiro gets a lot of credit for being one of the more articulate, less wing-nutty defenders of conservative values. Although all he’s doing is taking bigoted views and discussing them in calm grown-up ways or taking wing-nutty values and trying to find clever secular was of rationalizing them.

Here DM goes after the obviously absurd notion that the moral codes that appear in the bible came from some sort of god. It’s an argument which is so obviously bad, that you almost feel guilty criticizing it, although DM does it so eloquently.

It also contains what must be the best description of God ever penned:

An omnipotent omniscient omnipresent omnibenevolent, spaceless, timeless, causeless foreskin-hating universe creator.

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