A YouTube Classic

Now eight years old with over two million views, this video from “Non Stamp Collector” looks at bible contradictions. (Non Stamp Collector is a reference to the joke that if Atheism is a religion then ‘not collecting stamps’ is a hobby.)

It’s important to remember how books were written in their actual context. Recently people have been upset by plot holes in Movies like Crimes of Grindelwald because basic information like what years certain characters were born his recorded in searchable online wiki resources, so when Maggie Smith’s character Professor McGonnagall appears as a professor at Hogwarts ten years before she was canonically born, it’s a blatant mistake.

But books written prior to the internet, the sources you would need to check against for consistency might not even exist within the province you’re writing from. So the idea that someone would want to fact check your writing at a later date (in a time of very low literacy) would seem rather fanciful so you could just write whatever felt right as long as you were true to the spirit of the religious tradition. (So for example when he asks the question as to whether anyone has seen God, there are both yes and no answers, but both feel appropriate for a divine being — either no one has ever seen him or those that have seen him have died.)


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