A Fascinating Experiment in Debate

Apparently, Eric Hovind — a young-Earth creationist minister in Florida with a tenuous connection to reality — offered ten thousand dollars to Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire to debate him on the subject of a six thousand year old earth. While that debate never happened (as a general rule, any religious person who claims to offer cash for someone to debate them or possibly prove them wrong is flat out lying) there was a flurry of back and forth video commentary without any direct interaction. So a Canadian (polite as we are) Paulogia edited together the various videos into a rather coherent debate. And the juxtaposition provided some wonderful comic delivery.

This is an example of what Ed Brayton dubbed “Wingnut on Wingnut Crime” where both are vigorously defending an indefensible book.

It’s a long video to watch. But what jumped out through the entire thing, neither one has anything they can say which would serve to change the mind of someone who didn’t already agree with them. The only thing they can do is state what they believe (and possibly name important people who agree with them) and hope to sound less untrustworthy than the other person.

If a particular moment jumps out at you, mention it with the time in the comments.

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