Fabulous Fact Checking

I started listening to Stephen Dubner’s spinoff from his super-popular Freakonomics podcast. It’s called No Stupid Questions, cohosted by Angela Duckworth. It includes something I have never seen before (heard before?!) in a podcast.

At the end of each episode, the producer Rebecca Lee Douglas comes on and does a fact checking session based on thee conversation during the podcast. Needless to say this is a tremendous idea. It may be the first of its kind (maybe Rebecca will fact check me on this.)

This episode delighted in in particular because it included a very long and very pedantic correction to an arithmetic mistake their guest made — basically dividing millions by hundreds and losing a zero somewhere in the process. Simple mistake that anyone could make and it didn’t affect the argument being made. But seeing her go after him with such polite enthusiasm warmed my heart!

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